Conceptual Copywriter, Creative Art Director, Concept Provider or Creative Copywriter providing concepts? Senior, mid-weight or hyper motivated junior? Whatever your job title may be, as long as your ideas are about changing people’s behavior, we’d like to meet you. As a team or solo.

We are Bonka Circus.
We proudly create ‘Content with a Purpose’ for brands and organizations that (want to) have a positive impact on society: VSV, UGent, Radio 2, Unizo, Sensoa, KdG, Aoste, Ovam, De Kringwinkel, Ecover, Actiris,... 

Purpose? That doesn’t mean you have to hug trees, though. Or change your hipster barber-look into dreadlocks. Amazing ideas is what we’re looking for. As well as the fact that you’re open to co-create with strategists, clients, beer sommeliers, cycling fanatics, treehuggers or dreadlocked professors.

Sounds interesting? 
Drop a line to and to have a chat about creativity and communication. If it’s a match, we’d like to welcome you to the circus and you’ll be free as a bird to choose your own job title.😉

Looking forward to meeting you!

P.S.: At Bonka Circus we’re only interested in experience, talent, motivation and personality, regardless of age, origin, gender, handicap, sexual orientation, religion, haircut or political belief.