No child should grow up alone 2017

How SOS Children's Villages reminded people that No Child Should Grow Up Alone.

On November 20th, Universal Children’s Day, SOS Children's Villages and Bonka Circus launched the second worldwide campaign reminding people that No Child Should Grow Up Alone.

Last year we asked children: ‘How do you know your mom or dad deeply cares for you?’ This year we asked them: ‘Show us how your mom or dad cares for you.' We collected moving videos from children all over the world sharing moments with their mom or dad. But here is the flip side of the coin: 1 out of 10 children has nothing to show, because they’re growing up without the loving care of a mother or a father. 

The campaign was launched using Thunderclap, a tool by which we could invite people to lend their social media reach to SOS Kinderdorpen, for only one day (November 20th). Vincent Kompany, Kim Clijsters and other ambassadors backed the campaign in this way. Internationally, the campaign even made it to Times Square.

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