Last Night A DJ Saved My Life 2019

How we encouraged Flemish drivers to make a life-changing difference by adapting their trailing distance on the highways.

With the second edition of the campaign, we want to continue spreading awareness to the public. Bonka Circus wanted to continue encouraging the behavioural change on the road. The change that saves lives: a safe trailing distance on the highways.

Last night a DJ saved my life had to become the symbol of a safe trailing distance. The driver wasn’t our only target – the passenger also had a part to play. We wanted to find a way for the passenger to tell the driver to keep more distance in case the driver didn’t realise he was driving too close to the car in front of them. The campaign wasn’t just about spreading awareness.

We had to ensure that people didn’t just ‘know’ about the campaign. We had to make the people act. Similar to what we did last year, we collaborated with famous Belgian artists to the likes of Regi, Tourist LeMC and Jasper Steverlinck . They each made their very own version of Last night a DJ saved my life.

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