Hoe Groot Wil Jij Worden?

How we helped KdG to show students that they're the perfect school to realise your dreams.

With 'Hoe Groot Wil Jij Worden?' we translated the KdG-vision of self-development and social impact into an engaging and inspiring project for all the KdG-stakeholders: potential students, students, teachers, employees and partners.

With ‘Hoe Groot Wil Jij Worden?’ KdG invites all stakeholders to determine which impact they want to make on society with the job they will do or are doing already. And here is the thing: In every job you can find greatness. And there is no benchmark: it is up to the person to determine what greatness means for him/her. The role of KdG in this? KdG Hogeschool is the ideal partner to help you exploit your potential and achieve your dreams. At your rhythm. In the educational course you have chosen.

‘Hoe Groot Wil Jij Worden?’ is a collaborative project with KdG Hogeschool. Together with the head of each department – 32 in total - we searched for the perfect image and lines to hit the right notes and inspire students about the possibilities of each programme. It resulted in 32 strong pieces of content, positioning every training course. And the potential dreams one can realise by doing this training course.

The kick off campaign for the project ran in cinema, social and on owned media. It was supported by projections on big buildings in Antwerp as well. These buildings served as the relevant contextual canvas for the dreams projected and matched the programme that can lead up to these dreams (e.g. the dreams matching the training course 'Photography' were projected on the Museum of Photography).

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