De seksmythes 2017

How we are helping to get rid of sexual misunderstandings

‘Seniors don’t have sex anymore’, ‘penetration only can make a woman climax’ and ‘a lot of sex is the sign of a good relationship’. Needless to say that these are all false statements, right? Yet, a lot of people still believe they’re true. That’s why Bonka Circus and Sensoa launched a campaign to get rid of these sexual misunderstandings: The Sexual Myths of 2017.

6 sexual myths were spread on social media, but the trick was that people weren’t able to read the whole myth. People are curious about sex, so they were immediately triggered to visit That’s where we debunked all sexual myths and informed people about these subjects.

On top of that, an editorial collaboration with different media outlets was set up to spread the myths. Big media like Weekend Knack, MNM, Radio 2 and één dedicated their editorial space to focus on a specific myth and debunk the myth with the aid of an expert.

So, by triggering people with sexual myths we were able to teach them about sexual misunderstandings in 2017. And more myths to come in 2018…

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