Beloofd - Automodus 2.0

How the Flemish telecom providers asked drivers to go in automodus.

One in two Flemish drivers admits to reading a text message while driving every now and then. Yet, 8 out of 10 drivers want to reduce their smartphone use behind the wheel. Bonka Circus and the VSV helped them to do so with ‘automodus’: your way to avoid using your phone while driving.

In this year’s edition of the campaign, the CEO’s of all telecom providers joined forces and asked drivers to go in automodus: a powerful signal, coming from organisations whose core business is optimal connectivity. They all sent out one clear message: “Be as smart as your phone. Go in automodus before you drive.”

Specifically, billboards on the side of Flemish main roads and highways were designed each in the telecom providers’ branding. Their baseline was adjusted slightly, asking drivers to go in automodus. In a social video ad, the CEO’s of the telecom providers sent out a joint message. Finally, a radio ad supported the campaign.

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