Beloofd - Automodus

How we helped people avoid being distracted by their phone while driving.

More than 8 out of 10 Flemish car drivers are worried about their own mobile phone use while driving. Meanwhile, 1 out of 3 people already experienced that his or her telephone use led to dangerous situations on the road. That’s why Bonka Circus and VSV launched another ‘Beloofd!’-project in which we helped people avoid being distracted by their phone, and reconsider their way of using their mobile phone while driving.

According to behavioural psychologists, the best way for people to change their behaviour is to give them the possibility to choose for themselves how they want to make a change. That’s why we launched 'Automodus': the conscious choice to avoid distraction in traffic by using your smartphone in a smart way. Depending on the situation, on the device you have and whether or not you have a fully voice-controlled car kit system in the car, you can go into ‘Automodus’ in a way that suits you best. On we offered 4 solutions for people to choose from. They could personally decide which possibility works best for them:

  1. Mobile phone out of reach
  2. Mobile phone on ‘do not disturb'
  3. Mobile phone on ‘silent’
  4. Handsfree on the car kit

For this campaign we worked with 4 ambassadors who each from their own background tell how they themselves go into ‘Automodus’. The main media of the campaign were billboards next to the highways and main roads, as well as radio. The campaign was also supported by social media.

Prior to the actual campaign, funny radio spots were launched as teasing content the week before the launch. In these spots Rik Verheye and Bart Hollanders (temporarily renamed the ‘Woordzoekers’) went in search of the word 'Automodus'

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