Bonka Circus                     Content with a purpose

A rapidly growing number of people want to lead a more meaningful life. Alongside this, more and more organisations make choices on topics that are important for society: work, leisure, mobility, environment, climate, finance, education, healthy food, wellbeing, health etc.

Bonka Circus strongly believes in the positive power of this behavioural change and we help organisations and businesses to make their higher social purpose tangible to a broad public.

We achieve this through comprehensible, entertaining, strong content (television programmes, digital, 360° campaigns, events, PR …) aimed at accelerating the behavioural change that makes people’s lives better, easier, more meaningful and more pleasant.

Sometimes we build this content around existing projects, sometimes we create projects from scratch ourselves. We go from sport to culture to work to traffic safety to…

Some of the purposes we're proud to have contributed to:

- Clean Air: CurieuzeNeuzen
- Traffic Safety: Last Night A DJ Saved My Life and Beloofd
- Employment: j’apprendsleflamandavecvincent
- Children's wellbeing: No Child Should Grow Up Alone
- Sports: Fan Commentary and The Devils Challenges

Here’s some of the spectacle that came out of the circus

Team picture


Strategy director

Marketing rebel with a cause and a respectable career at several well-known agencies (VVL/BBDO, TBWA, Boondoggle). Strategic director of Bonka Circus since 2016. Wherever in the world, Peter loves riding a good wave or a nice kickboxing fight.

Managing director

Started her media career at the VRT, where she worked her way up to become net manager of Ketnet. Currently she’s using all that experience in her function as managing director at Bonka Circus. She loves travelling, cooking and spending time with family and friends.

Head of production

Television production expert with more than 25 years of experience, and counting. Monique produced countless television programs for almost every Flemish TV channel before joining Bonka Circus as head of production. She loves budgets and numbers, but in her spare time, she prefers reading Scandinavian or Dutch novels.


Studied classical piano but a persistent tendinitis pushed him into the music management industry. Started No Circus vzw, a song and artist driven music label and management agency (Ronny Mosuse, CPEX, Aram Van Balla ert, De Mens, Anton Walgrave, Jasper Erkens) before he became the founding father and CEO of Bonka Circus in 2012. 

Partnership manager

Ex-world champion karate and still a big allround sports lover. Worked and played hard at HUMO before he went on a six month trip around South America, his favorite continent. Now partnership manager at Bonka Circus, always looking for the perfect match.

Creative director

Mister Creativity. Vinne worked as a copywriter for Boondoggle, then became editor-in-chief at the VRT for Hoe?Zo!, later on returned to Boondoggle as creative director, to finally end up at Bonka Circus where he kept his last title. When he is not busy being creative for Bonka Circus, Vinne and his co-founders make sure that more than 500 families spend a fantastic time at Wonderweekend each year. Also, he’s the headliner / main DJ of the best party in Leuven.