Straat Préféré

How we helped Radio 2 launch the country’s biggest neighbour party.

We created a connecting initiative to better portray Radio 2 as Belgium’s biggest family. We kicked off Straat Préféré with a campaign that ran on tv, radio, print and social media. The campaign invited neighbours to organise a neighbour party of their own. Doing so could result in a visit from Siska Schoeters, Kim Debrie, Sven Pichal or another Radio 2 host.

This initiative served to re-enforce their baseline of the biggest family. Straat Préféré was the perfect initiative to do so, starting from the very core of the radio station: music. During Straat Préféré, we searched the favourite hits of neighbours in every corner of the country.

Enthousiastic neighbours could register at, invite their neighbours and choose their favourite hit for their street. From those answers, a unique playlist was composed for every street. That way, the neighbours always knew which music to play.

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