purpose driven communication

A rapidly growing number of people want to lead a more meaningful life. Alongside this, more and more organisations make choices on topics that are important for society: work, leisure, mobility, environment, climate, finance, education, healthy food, wellbeing, health etc.

Bonka Circus strongly believes in the positive power of this behavioural change and we help organisations and businesses to make their higher social purpose tangible to a broad public.

We achieve this through comprehensible, entertaining, strong content(television programmes, digital, 360° campaigns, events, PR …) aimed at accelerating the behavioural change that makes people’s lives better, easier, more meaningful and more pleasant. Sometimes we build this content around existing projects, sometimes we create projects from scratch ourselves. We go from sport to culture to work to traffic safety to …

Some of the purposed we're proud to have contributed to:

What's your purpose?