For their annual celebration Dies Natalis, Ghent University wanted to raise awareness for the beauty and importance of science. We helped them do so with WOW, a praise for valuable scientific research.

WOW is an acronym for waardevolle ontdekking van de wetenschap, a valuable scientific discovery. More than 20 of the university’s professors, alumni and other stakeholders praised one single research or researcher for its work and contribution to society, by giving it a WOW. They all did so because of genuine gratitude or enthusiasm for the scientific work that has been done at Ghent University or elsewhere, in the past or present.

All the different WOW’s appeared as social video ads, which were targeted to people to whom the speaker or subject is relevant. Moreover, WOW was contextually present on the university’s campuses and in its host cities Ghent and Kortrijk, with posters featuring WOW’s relevant to the place they were displayed.

With WOW, we showed how scientific research is present in the everyday lives of regular people. We asked everyone to share a WOW of their own using the hashtag #WOWUGent, which lead to WOW, and the praise for scientific research, growing bigger than Ghent University itself.

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