How we helped UNIZO promote shopping local

More and more local business disappear due to the competition of foreign chains and the growing influence of overseas e-commerce. However, the benefits of shopping local are clear: it’s better for the environment, the economy and your experience as a buyer.

That’s why UNIZO and we came up with ‘Winkelhier’. A pun, combining the words for local and shop owner in one word which business can use as a label on their webshop or windows to show that you can buy local at their shop. On the other hand, the word can be used by consumers as a verb, showing that they’re proud of shopping at a local business.

To launch the campaign, we showed what could happen to even the most well-renowned shops if people would stop buying local altogether. Some iconic local business closed shop, at least that what it seemed. Lettering on their windows announced the closing of the shop, much to the surprise of passers-by and influencers. Later that day, the lettering was completed, thanking people for buying local and reassuring that they would be continuing for years to come.

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