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How stories turned Select Actiris into a sexy and rewarding HR partner

This campaign’s main goal was to rebrand Select Actiris as a partner for employers. So far, Actiris was known as an HR partner for employees. As Actiris Select are there for employers too, we wanted to make it clear to employers that Actiris could very well become a meaningful partner to their business.
How? By storytelling.

We stepped out into the field and gathered success stories from employers and employees at Auto5 and Mister Genius. Actiris took certain measures which we spread on radio, video and social. To get the message across effectively, we wanted to tell real stories during this campaign.

The last thing Bonka Circus wanted was to tell one-sided stories. That’s why we had the company tell its part first. Then we asked Actiris Select to tell us how they experienced the collaboration. By using this approach, we created a clear view on how businesses can find a good partner in Actiris. The campaign was mainly driven by the stories told about Actiris, a young and dynamic yet professional company.

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