Select Actiris

How we rebranded Select Actiris as a modern HR partner.

Actiris is well known in Brussels as a reliable partner for employees. Employers, however, had a harder time finding their way to the Brussels’ employment office.

Our goal was to make it clear to employers that Actiris could very well become a reputable partner to their business. That’s why we rebranded Actiris’ services for employers into a new brand: ‘Select Actiris’. How? With storytelling.

We told the success stories of six employers who had already worked with Actiris to fill a vacancy in their organisation. These stories showed what it's like to work with Select Actiris on the one hand, and illustrated the wide array of ways in which Select Actiris can help to fill a vacancy, on the other hand.

On a new dedicated website, we made it very clear that Select Actiris operates as a separate entity. On that website, employers can find the ins and outs of each separate way in which Select Actiris could be of service to their organisation.

Every measure on the website features the success story of an organisation that has benefited from that measure, and a video of a consultant explaining how the measure works exactly.

Short versions of the videos were used as video ads on social. We created advertorials and turned the success stories into radio spots. The videos were also shown during an evening for employers with talks from inspiring speakers.

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