Last Night a DJ Saved My Life 2018

How we helped drivers to keep sufficient distance with vehicles in front of them.

Every year, about 7.000 car accidents happen in Flanders due to an insufficient distance between the vehicles. The 2-second rule is a way too devious and unknown rule. That’s why Bonka Circus and VSV (Flemish Institute for Traffic) launched a project to help drivers to keep a sufficient distance with the vehicle ahead of them. 

By replacing the 2-second rule with the famous hit ‘Last Night a DJ Saved My Life’, we gave drivers a fun and easy way to estimate the distance with drivers ahead. In radio, on social and on posters next to the roads, drivers were reminded to get their funk on and test the trick while driving. We even put ‘Last Night a DJ Saved My Life’- road marks on two of the busiest highways in Flanders. The campaign was immediately covered by the press, which made even more drivers aware that this song can really save your life.

In Bonka Circus, the VSV has an excellent partner for its road safety campaigns.
Our collaboration runs professionally and cordially. The VSV and Bonka make each other smarter, and the Beloofd!-campaigns cause behavioural change in traffic.
Eddy Klynen - VSV

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