J'apprends le Flamand avec Vincent

How Actiris and Vincent kompany encouraged Brussel's job-seekers to learn dutch.

A basic knowledge of Dutch is a huge advantage when you’re looking for a job in Brussels. About half of the job offers require bilingualism. If you are prepared to work on your Dutch, you almost double your chances on the job market.

That’s why Actiris and Bonka Circus launched a new communication project in collaboration with the VDAB Brussel. Its primary target was to raise awareness about the importance of speaking (even basic) Dutch when looking for a job. The secondary target of the project was to inform people about the free language courses Actiris has to offer.

And who could better reach out to Brusselians than role model and polyglot Vincent Kompany? On www.japprendsleflamandavecvincent.brussels Vincent Kompany learned Brussels’ job-seekers their first few words in Dutch. And if they really wanted to learn Dutch, they could always apply for one of Actiris’ language courses.

The communication project was launched in an extensive interview with Vincent Kompany in De Morgen and Le Soir. In these interviews, Vincent Kompany explained why he fully backed the project. His commitment was further supported by an internal video in which Vincent Kompany again explained the reason of his commitment to the Actiris employees. 
These interviews were picked up by other press. They gave a lot of credibility to the project. The communication itself ran in cinema and on radio and was further supported by a strong outdoor campaign in Brussels.

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