Two years after #MeToo, there is still a "grey zone" in which we do not always have a clear idea of when behaviour becomes sexually transgressive. To provide an answer, Sensoa and Bonka Circus have, together with vzw Zij-kant and vzw Zijn, developed FlirterTwister, a tool designed to put sexually transgressive behaviour on the table for discussion, and to be used in the coming years as a tool in Sensoa's prevention campaigns.

With the campaign “Is’t oke? Niet zeker? Check het!” (Is it OK? Not sure? Check!), Sensoa tries in case of doubt to encourage everyone to check immediately whether it is. This can be done in three ways: “Am I OK with it? Does the other person think it's OK? And as an outsider: Do both parties think it's OK?” This provides a way of bringing clarity to the "grey zone". The campaign has been cheerfully illustrated by Eva Mouton.

FlirterTwister plays an important role as a conversation starter: by spinning three twisters with whom - what - where, a situation is created that challenges us to think about which sexual behaviour is OK and which is not.

Possible combinations such as "Your boss compliments your buttocks in the supermarket" were discussed in short videos by influencers Tom De Cock and Tinne Oltmans. In addition, Thomas Smith and Ivan Pecnik, Flo Windey and Raia Maria-Laura, as well as Wel Jong Niet Hetero (Belgian young LGBT) spokespersons Jitske Van de Veire, Senne Misplon and Naomi Van Hauwermeiren, also took their chances in a game of FlirterTwister. These videos were posted on social media, making them readily accessible to young people.

In the coming years, Sensoa will take to the road with a FlirterTwister geared to the living environment of children and young people. With their “Mijn grens, mijn wens” (My border, my wish) training package in schools, youth movements and sports clubs, Sensoa seeks to challenge children and young people to think about the grey zone.

The campaign was kicked off on Sunday 3 November in Make Belgium Great Again, with some captivating testimonies about sexually transgressive behaviour in the workplace. The project was quickly picked up by the media, being featured in Het Journaal 7 on VRT, and even being parodied by De Ideale Wereld. In addition, VRT NWS took up the subject, bringing it to their youth platform: nws.nws.nws. The subject was also featured on Karrewiet on the Ketnet channel. Senne Misplon and Julia Day of Sensoa were invited to Generation M on MNM to talk about it.

In addition to an article in De Morgen, Saskia De Coster also shared her opinion on the matter in a column, while the project was raised in the newsletter of Domus Medica, as well as in all sorts of other articles that appeared in Het Laatste Nieuws, HBVL, Het Nieuwsblad, ...

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