Het grote gelijk

How we helped De Standaard open the debate towards the elections.

People’s opinions have never differed as much as they do today. De Standaard wanted to bridge the gap between those opinions with Het grote gelijk and a broader communication campaign. In the run-up to the elections on May 26, De Standaard wanted to convince people with very different opinions to talk to each other face to face.

Het grote gelijk is a unique experiment which links people who view the world differently to one another. Participants could sign up through a web application by answering a couple of questions to then be linked to a partner who looks at things differently.

We took care of the branding and the campaign surrounding this initiative by De Standaard, Knack, Bruzz and StampMedia. We did so by developing print ads, banners, social ads, as well as a series of social videos and a tv spot featuring Herman Brusselmans, Othman El Hammouchi, Luckas Vander Taelen and Slongs amongst others.

Het grote gelijk was part of a broader campaign for which we developed branding and a corporate identity. Our work resulted in print and radio campaigns with the baseline ‘de feiten liegen er niet om’, which translates to ‘the facts don’t lie’.

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