Fanatico ref-side

How we gave a football referee the honour he deserves

You can always count on supporters to cheer for their teams and take care of the atmosphere in the stadium. Unfortunately, a lot of supporters forget that during a game there are not 2, but 3 teams on the pitch. One team is always forgotten: the referees.

That’s why Fanatico, a rock ‘n roll sports series for Play Sports by Bonka Circus, organized a unique event to honour this forgotten team: The Fanatico-REF SIDE.

We invited a bunch of motivated supporters to create our very own Kop end for referee Joeri Van de Velde and his team. During the game KV-Mechelen – KV Kortrijk a fully packed Kop was cheering, singing and dancing for the referees.

And that’s how we showed that it’s very important to cheer #strongertogether (#samenstraffer), not only for the players, but also for the third team.

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