Fan Commentary

How subjectivity improved football experience for all the fans

Football fans are the most subjective people on earth. They always cheer for the same team, no matter what happens. Even when their team is playing a bad game, a real fan finds a way to eulogize his team. This subjectivity is something to be proud of. Because the strongest fans always choose the same side.

To emphasize the importance of subjectivity, Play Sports organized ‘subjective fan commentary’ for the second year in a row. During the top game between AA Ghent and Club Bruges, we put 2 famous fans of both teams in the commentary box and let them give their very own subjective commentary on the game. The game was then broadcasted on 3 different channels: the usual Play Sports channel with an objective commentator and a channel dedicated to each team.

Another way of showing that Play Sports is all about supporting and cheering #strongertogether and in the most subjective way for your team.

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