Fan Commentary

How we helped Play Sports in showing that they're the go-to sports channel for fans.

Play Sports is one of Belgium’s leading sports channels doing everything in its power to give sports fans the best sports experience possible. To prove this, Bonka Circus organised 'Fan Commentary’ for the third year in a row. But how do you make it new and remarkable again, for the third year in a row, knowing that media attention is the primary objective?

This year we didn’t only give the commentary mic to the guys from Radio Gaga (KAA Gent) and Adil & Bilall (RSC Anderlecht), but we also went looking for 2 unknown fans. Together with Studio Brussel we organised a casting day and found 2 crazy fans, Steven (KAA Gent) and Thierry (RSCA), who got in the commentary box with Joris Hessels & Dominique Van Malder and Adil El Arbi & Bilall Fallah.

Thanks to the partnership with Studio Brussel and the search for unknown fan commentators, Fan Commentary got again a lot of media attention. This way Play Sports was able to show all football fans out there that they are the go-to sports channel by supporters for supporters.

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