How KdG showed youngsters that they’re a school that realises dreams.

Every child should be encouraged to chase their dreams. KdG completely agrees with that statement. They provided us with ‘dreamers’ and Bonka Circus created videos telling their story.

Every story had a youngster with a dream in it. That youngster was surprised by a well-known person from Flanders who can relate closely to the dream of the youngster. The celebrity then challenged the youngster to achieve a certain goal within a set period of time.

In the road to achieving his or her goal, they are assisted by teachers, ‘dreamcoaches’ from KdG Hogeschool. By guiding the youngsters, KdG wants to show that they are a school that really believes in the power of dreams. While helping the youngsters, they also wanted to create clarity in the landscape of choices the soon to be students have to make. They have so many options to choose from – KdG wants to make sure they make the right one.

By supporting the youngsters like this, KdG portrays its values and attracts soon to be students to their open days.

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