Don't Do Drugs & Drive

How a simple icon became a powerful symbol: Don’t Do Drugs & Drive

One in six young drivers does not completely rule out the option of ever driving under influence of drugs. That’s why we developed a concept for VSV to convince young drivers not to do so. We decided to spread the message from within the scene itself.

Every DJ, artist or festival has his own name and logo. That’s why we decided to develop an icon representing ‘Don’t Do Drugs & Drive’, by combining a prohibition sign and a little pill. We asked DJ’s and festivals to use this icon as an add-on to their own logo. That way, their logos themselves became a strong message to the fans, asking not to do drugs and drive. Or how a small icon became a powerful signal.

We kicked off the campaign just before the start of the festival season with some big names in the music scene: Kenn Colt, Peter Luts, DJ Ward and festivals like Rock Werchter, WECANDANCE, Voltage en Cirque Magique added the icon to their logo. Studio Brussels talked about the subject on live radio, and many press outlets coverd the story of the adapted logos.

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