De Seksmythes 2018

How we got rid of even more sexual misunderstandings.

Last year, Sensoa and Bonka Circus got rid of 6 misunderstandings about sex: The Sexual Myths of 2017. This year, we picked up where we left off, and got rid of six more Sexual Myths.

Wim Oosterlinck kicked off the campaign by debunking the first myth: ‘Everyone has sex before the age of 20’. He disclosed live on air that for him, just like many others, that was not the case. Media like VRT NWS and VTM Nieuws picked up on this and opened the debate about the other myths.

A strong female voice could be heard when women like Goedele Liekens, Yentl Keuppens (Just Yentl), Benedikte van Eeghem (VRT), Nathalie Leblanc (Knack), Ilona Lodewijckx (FilleFolle) and the girls of Emoshit raised their voice and engaged in the debate.

Tim Van De Putte, who was diagnosed with HIV, explained why having sex with HIV is possible in the Radio 2 show ‘De Madammen’. Professor Linos Vanderkerckhove further elaborated on the topic in Radio 1's ‘Nieuwe Feiten’.

The campaign received a lot of attention from the written press as well, including HLN, NINA, Dag Allemaal, De Standaard, Het Nieuwsblad, Knack, De Morgen, Flair, Goed Gevoel, and Het Belang Van Limburg, who all wrote about the sex myths.

The six sexual myths were spread on social media with a link directing to, where we debunked all sexual myths and informed people on the different topics.

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