De Madammen op droomreis

How we helped Radio 2 in turning a partnership deal into a bonding initiative between listeners and De Madammen.

When you work for a radio station, you have to depart from the strength of that medium, which is making radio. That’s why we turned Neckermann’s holiday partnership deal into a bonding initiative between De Madammen and their listeners.

It goes without saying that De Madammen’s listeners were eager to join one of them on their trips. Everyone interested could apply to join in on one of the three dream trips with De Madammen, by answering questions on the Radio 2 website to see if the applicant would be a good match for one of ‘the Madammen’. Questions such as 'What would your dream holiday look like?' and 'Would you prefer adventure, culture or snow?' were asked. At the end of the show, the Madammen daily called one of the winners.

While that way, each ‘Madam’ found people to join her on her trip, a second question arose: Who would be hosting the radio show when the Madammen were thousands of miles away?

Bonka Circus delivered the perfect solution: we suggested to replace the Madammen by experienced, well-known hosts: Bart Peeters, Gilles De Coster and Tomas De Soete.  

In their ‘search’ for replacement hosts, Radio 2 aired very specific job descriptions, perfectly describing the three gentlemen we had in mind. People immediately got the hint of who would be hosting De Madammen in the absence of the three regular hosts. The show, fittingly, was transformed into De Meneren (“The Gents”) for that week.

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