The day of

How we developed an authentic concept for a recurring Radio 2 format

Every day Radio 2 reaches a wide range of listeners with music, notably: real classics. One way of doing so is their format ‘The day of…’, where they focus on one legend throughout a day. They play their songs, tell stories, and give away tickets to one of their concerts. First up for this new format were Fleetwoord Mac and Bon Jovi.

To spread the word for this recurring format, Radio 2 asked us to develop a concept for a TV-ad that can be reused each time they would be focussing on a new artist during ‘The day of’. But how do you make such a recurring concept authentic, how do you avoid the easy option of making a graphics-only ad?

Our solution: ‘the record room’. A real room, a place where music lovers would sit if they were to listen to timeless classics. The concept features a man, in POV, who takes a record, looks at the album, and browses through his collection. All the album covers, records and posters hanging on the wall can be changed to match the artist featured in every new edition of ‘The day of’. The voice-over is done by the person hosting the show, as if he is the one whose POV we see.

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