BX Rugby

How we introduced fair play to young football talents

BX’s aim is to give its players standards and values that will stand them in good stead both on and off the field. And that’s why, as part of its annual youth tournaments, BX Brussels and Bonka Circus launched an experiment to create a positive atmosphere on and off the field.

The BX-tournament was a fun day of football combined with some rules borrowed from rugby, a tough game played by gentlemen:

1. Everyone can hear the referee.

2. Only the captain may address the referee.

3. The winning side gives three cheers for the losing side.

4. Supporting means cheering, not jeering.

5. Each team is accompanied by a steward responsible for ensuring a positive atmosphere.

A tournament completely dedicated to fair play. And the cherry on the cake: not only the title of champion and a prize for the most sportsman-like team but also an award for the most sportsman-like supporters.

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