BX Night Football

Charity and business working hand in hand, that’s indeed what we call shared value. A good example is our in-depth partnership with Pepsico and Vincent Kompany. Set up in 2013, we agreed that in return for the traditional use of the star’s image, his BX social football project’s logo would be printed on literally every Pepsi can and bottle. This boosted the BX social project. But that was only the start.

We have now extended the collaboration until after Euro 2016 on an international level and, even cooler than that, we regularly see Pepsico employees volunteering at BX’s events, like our very cool BX Night Football games. On a business level, we can proudly say that our partnership not only boosted the BX project, but also Pepsico’s turnover and profit, as well as reactivating some retail channels.

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