Bij ons ben je meer dan je cv

How we helped Actiris to highlight the qualities of 100 job seekers in Brussels.

45% of the Belgian businesses struggle to form their employees several personal competencies such as time management and the ability to cope with stress. Therefore, businesses are increasingly looking for eligible job seekers who already have mastered those soft skills. That is why Actiris and Bonka Circus Actiris highlighted those sought-after competencies of job seekers.

We interviewed 100 job seekers in Brussels hailing from the 19 municipalities of the Brussels-Capital Region. All of them were looking for a job. However, their CV prevented them to be presented as the ideal candidate. Nonetheless, every interview revealed a unique and personal story and emphasised a unique personal competence. As such, these stories created added value for the depicted person. The job seekers were deliberately photographed from behind. As a result, the viewer does not get influenced by age, gender, identity or social class. Take, for example, Marco. He has an atypical CV but is really customer friendly. That is how we prove that Actiris looks beyond the boundaries of a CV.

The guerrilla marketing campaign was presented through several posters in everyday life locations, which were found in the immediate surroundings where the job seeker lives and resides, such as local businesses, restaurants and fitness clubs. The photos were taken at various recognizable places in the Brussels streetscape. Life-sized posters depicting job seekers were also put up at the Actiris building itself.

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