Beloofd - Speed

How a promise encouraged people to always respect the speed limits.

Excessive speed is one of the prime causes of car accidents. However, people still keep driving too fast. That’s why Bonka Circus and VSV launched another ‘Beloofd!’-project in which we made people promise to a loved one to always respect speed limits.

The main media of the campaign, billboards next to the highways and main roads, showed no less than 315 unique relationships in which one or more real persons had made the promise to one another. In total, 505 people became the face of our new ‘Beloofd!’-project. By making real people who made the promise the centre of the campaign, we want to change the wrong speed standard in the long term.

The campaign encouraged people to also make the promise on There, we offered them a tool to personalise their own Beloofd!-poster. This way everyone could become part of the campaign. 

The campaign was supported by content on social media like the ‘Beloofd!-speed camera’ to which people could make their promise and get ‘a positive speeding ticket’, aka a picture of their promise.

And last but not least, we drove through Flanders with a Beloofd!-Ferrari. Evidently, we always respected the speed limits. Stickers on the car made that extra clear to passers-by, saying: ‘I’ve promised my children not to drive too fast.’

In Bonka Circus, the VSV has an excellent partner for its road safety campaigns.
Our collaboration runs professionally and cordially. The VSV and Bonka make each other smarter, and the Beloofd!-campaigns cause behavioural change in traffic.
Eddy Klynen - VSV

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