How we encouraged Flemish drivers to drink coffee and have a power nap before a late-night drive with VSV.

As everyone knows, driving while feeling drowsy is very dangerous. In order to map out the danger, Bonka Circus and VSV, organised the very first drowsiness test in Flanders. Between 10PM and 2AM, 382 drivers volunteered to undergo a saliva test and filled in a questionnaire. These saliva tests measure the melatonin level of each driver. Melatonin is a hormone that regulates the sleep-wake cycle. The test results were astonishing: one in three drivers was on the road during their so-called biological night, the period where the body indicates that they should be asleep. Therefore, the risk of an accident during this period increases by 30%. According to experts, drinking coffee, followed by a 15-minute power nap, is the only solution to battle drowsy driving. This insight forms the core of the campaign.

Based on the results, experts form Chrono@work put together different profiles. Each profile offers the Flemish driver more insight in his or her own sleep pattern. Via drivers can calculate their own biological night and gain more insight in when they should not be driving. If a driver cannot avoid driving during his or her biological night, then it is recommended to drink a cup of coffee first, followed by a 15-minute power nap.

This message could be read on roadside posters alongside highways and regional roads, on fuel pistols at Flemish petrol stations and on digital screens at event locations such as the Lotto Arena. Through videos that showed the tests and results, the campaign also found its way to social media such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Furthermore, influencers such as Frances Lefebure and Charlotte Leysen received their own ‘power nap kit’ containing a coffee mug and a sleeping mask. This way they immediately had the right tools in the car.              

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