Beloofd - Kijken Kijken

Bonka Circus and VSV parody Temptation Island and start campaign on Belgium's Day of the Motorcyclist

One out of three drivers admits that he has been surprised by a motorcyclist in traffic because he had not seen him approach. Bonka Circus and VSV launch a new motorcyclist campaign at the start of the new motorcyclist season for that very reason. It consists of two parts: a large campaign targeting drivers and a targeted campaign focused on motorcyclists specifically.

The goal was to teach drivers a simple trick to avoid being surprised by motorcyclists. By looking twice before making a maneuver, you minimalise the risk of hitting a motorcyclist.

To make sure people remembered the campaign, they used a quote by Haroon from Temptation Island. The campaign was kicked off by teasing banners alongside the busiest Belgian highways. A week later, the teasing was over and it all became clear: the famous quote was meant to remind you to look twice before making a maneuver. 

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