Beloofd - Children's Seats

How we helped VSV in reminding parents to always fasten their children's seatbelts.

2 out of 3 children aren't fastened correctly in their car seat. 1 child out of 10 isn’t even buckled up at all. Yet, the right technique of fastening your children’s seatbelts can save their lives. That’s why Bonka Circus and VSV launched a campaign to remind parents to always buckle up their children when taking the car. We did so by focusing on the emotional connection parents have with their children and asking them to promise their children to always fasten their seatbelt. Because a promise can save lives.

After one month of campaigning more than 8000 parents made their promise on

In Bonka Circus, the VSV has an excellent partner for its road safety campaigns.
Our collaboration runs professionally and cordially. The VSV and Bonka make each other smarter, and the Beloofd!-campaigns cause behavioural change in traffic.
Eddy Klynen - VSV

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