Altijd bereid om beter te doen

How we helped Aoste to be at the forefront of a more sustainable meat industry.

Each week - or indeed more often - 75% of Belgians put vegetarian or vegan alternatives on their sandwiches. Furthermore, 50% feel that companies should strive harder to market such vegetarian alternatives: a consequence of the meat industry coming increasingly under fire. But processed meat company Aoste seeks to invest in order to do better. Which is why we at Bonka Circus have been helping Aoste commit to being a pioneer in the sustainable meat industry.

We have very deliberately enshrined that commitment in the strap line 'Always ready to do better'. With this new branding, we have also made a bold statement for the entire meat industry: when people change, it is time to change with them.

We have translated this idea into TV commercials and an online film. The script is based on Bob Dylan's well-known hit 'The Times, They Are A-Changing' in both 30 and 45 second spots. But in contrast to the message of the song, Aoste refers not to the change in the times, but to the change in the people. This is illustrated in the film through examples from the 1960's to the present day. It's the people who change, and Aoste changes with them. The film thus tells us that Aoste's cooked ham will from now on be prepared without nitrites, with greater respect for animal welfare and packed in recyclable cardboard packaging.

In addition is totally transparent about their position and about the other goals they still aim to achieve. They will thus also be expanding their vegetarian range in the near future. For when people change, Aoste changes with them.

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