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to help your business have 
a positive impact on society.

A rapidly growing number of people want to lead a more meaningful life. Bonka Circus strongly believes in the positive power of this behavioural change and we help organisations and businesses to make their higher social purpose tangible to a broad public.

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What people say about us

The collaboration with Bonka Circus was of immense importance for De Standaard. We sought after a mobilising concept to involve everyone in Flanders in our citizen science project Curieuzeneuzen.
‘How clean is the air you run/bike/play in?’ were exactly the right incentive questions to trigger a massive response. Bonka hit the nail on the head, and 55.000 people responded to our call.
Manu Naert - De Standaard
In Bonka Circus, the VSV has an excellent partner for its road safety campaigns.
Our collaboration runs professionally and cordially. The VSV and Bonka make each other smarter, and the Beloofd!-campaigns cause behavioural change in traffic.
Eddy Klynen - VSV