Building shared value
for game-changers

Bonka Circus aims to do the most ambitious, the most daring and the most significant work that we possibly can.

We start with content. In the world of digital media, on television, for brands, for passionate people or just for fun. We love the fun and we love the spectacle. We know that value starts when people are engaged. We really care about the details, the hits, the clicks and the shares.

Then we go another step.
Game-changers. Some people just stand out. They change the game. They make a difference. They contribute to society. Not just people – brands, organizations and projects can be game-changers too. We seek them out. We want to nurture, create and co-create. We want to work with game-changers, we want them to work with us and we want to maximize the difference that they make.

Then we go another step.
It is called ‘shared value’. It means that we associate our game-changers with causes, ideals, ideas and things that matter to them. We ask, “What’s the message here?” and “What do we want to achieve?”

Creating shared value is an intensive, challenging, but passionate job. So we work alongside the game-changers, growing their impact both on fans and customers, as well as on society. We build up the story as we go along. We help with the strategy, come up with creative campaigns or events, and we look for partnerships. Remember, we have a thing about communicating through great (digital) content.

So we love the fun and we love the spectacle but we also want to go further. We want the game-changers and we want to work with them to create shared-value.

Here’s some of the spectacle that came out of the circus